■  Game 4 - Rangers at Maple Leafs - 7:00pm MSG, NHLN 84 9  
  ■  Kravtsov reportedly given permission to talk trade 712 30  
  ■  Kucherov out... 20 0  
  ■  Kakko on IR, Barron called up 114 4  
  ■  Game 3 - Wolf Pack v Bruins 56 0  
  ■  Game 2 - Wolf Pack at Thunderbirds 39 0  
  ■  Game 3 - Rangers at Canadiens 10/16/2021 - 7:00... 616 104  

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Saturday - October 16th

On tonight's Hockey Night in Canada intermission report during the Rangers-Canadiens game, it was brought up that the Rangers have approached Kravtsov again about playing in Hartford. No decision yet, but sounds like perhaps the Rangers are trying to find a way forward. With a potential injury to Kaapo Kakko tonight, it means the Rangers top six depth has taken another hit.

Kaapo Kakko 10/16
Blocked a shot in the first period and did not return
Ryan Strome 10/15
Was placed in COVID protocol, and will not be available for the game against Montreal

Question Of The Day

August 19th, 2021

Earlier this year the Rangers won by a margin of nine goals as they beat the Flyers 9-0. How many times has the margin been bigger?

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  Born: Jan 20 - 1992  
  Position: Defense  
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A New Attack
Posted by Michael M. Ramos ≡ - September 24, 2008
The last 2 games(2-1 win vs. Ottowa and 2-3 loss to Tampa last night) had 2 very different lineups. Both nights the Ranger players have shown a high tempo, defense pushing forward, tape to tape passing, 5 man attack. The Rangers breakout from their zone has many more options this season along with a very different power play, which was much needed. There has been alot of passing around in the offensive zone with men standing in front of the opposing goalie causing screens and looking for rebounds. In all 3 games to date the Gomez and Drury units did a great job of creating chances but will have to a better job of finishing the play off with a goal.

On defense the top pair with the Gomez unit was Redden and Girardi. The Drury line worked with Rozsival and Staal. After those 4 getting 20+ minutes a game during the season, the next pair will average close to 15 minutes each night. It seems as if Mara(who took a paycut to stay a Ranger) and Kalinin(signed as a free agent) would be the 3rd pair. Potter(with cap friendly numbers), Pock, and Sanguinetti would seem the players looking for the possible last defensive roster spot. Del Zotto has played incredibly for a teenager who just turned 18 3 months ago. He will go back to JR'S this year but the future looks bright for this prospect.
Rangers forwards top six spots are taken by Naslund,Gomez,Zherdev,Dawes,Drury,Prucha(barring a trade). Dubinsky centering for Callahan and Voros seems to be clicking as Dubi looks in midseason form. Betts also looks to be a sure bet as he wore an "A" in his first game that he played this preseason. Orr has played 3 straight games(even has gotten penalty killing time) and seems to be the only enforcer that this team has. That leaves the Rangers management with the tough choice of who will take the last 3 spots on the roster. Sjostrom played on the team last season and scored last night. Korpikoski scored in his playoff game last season and Renney really likes him. Jessiman(who is a Sather favorite and resigned him this year) has played to his strenghts by using his body and going to the front of the net. Rissmiller(another free agent signing)needs to show more to earn an NHL spot as his speed doesn't match what the Rangers are trying to do. Believe it or not, Nedved can actually make this team as he looks solid so far, but would probably need Drury to be moved to the wing or for an injury to occur before the season starts. Don't forget about Byers who plays with a rough edge and can take the place as a more talented Hollweg.

In goal,The King can win games on his own. The backup spot would seem to be for Valiquette. A key to goalie a tandom is an understanding and respect between the two. Last year when Herik wasn't in nets, he was pulling for his goalie partner. Wiikman and Zaba have shown that maybe another year in the AHL is needed. Tonight we will see Lafluer in his debut and see how he will do at his chance to show his talent.


The Rangers home game against Ottowa was as empty as a Devils regular season home game.

The Rangers have outshot their opponents by a 2 to 1 margin in the first 3 games by using the offensive puck control pressure and not a defensive system as alot of NHL teams use.

Redden has been schooled twice by the wing on his side having blown by him along the boards. Redden has got to realize his weakness and stay more to the middle of the ice in those situations.

Even though we are not privy to any personal conversation he has with players, it seems as if GM Sather has trouble dealing with players that have been loyal to the team. He tried to not pay Ortmeyer his bonus money. Never gave Jagr, Avery or Shanny a direct answer whether the organization wanted them back with solid contract offers or trying to meet in the middle. Rangers loyalist will never forget trading Leetch on his birthday.

Ranger fans going to tonights game in Newark, like Tampa Bay coach Melrose said, watch your wallets!!!!!!!!!

 Additional stories from Michael M. Ramos:


October 18th, 2021
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7:00pm - NHL
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