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Will the Rangers trade Chris Kreider?


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Thursday - December 5th

Per Elliot Friedman of Sportsnet:

Prior to the December 1st deadline, the Oikers apparently tried again to move Jesse Pujljujarvi, and the Rangers were reportedly one of the teams interested.

The trade would have involved Lias Andersson going the other way, but ultimately they could work out a deal.

Filip Chytil 3/10
Did not return for second period against Stars
Chris Kreider 3/10
Was back on the ice today skating light drills, as he makes his way back from injury
Micheal Haley 2/14
Scheduled for surgery and could miss the remainder of the season
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September 29th, 2017

How many rostered players were on the ice for opening night 2016-17


Vic Ripley - 1906
Gilles Villemure - 1940
David Wilkie - 1974


  Born: Mar 21 - 1922  
  Pos: Defense  
  GP: 1  
  G: 0  
  A: 1  
  Pts: 1  
  PIMs: 0  

Who Set This Schedule Up? Thanks Bettman
Posted by Michael M. Ramos ≡ - October 20, 2008

We know that the NHL schedule maker is affected by many criteria. Open arena dates, travel, and other sports conflicting are just a few of the problems. The problem here is that the Rangers were sent to the other side of the world to represent the greatest hockey league in the world and come back to the busiest schedule in the NHL. Not only do the have 7 games in 11 nights but the
back-to-back games also have travel involed. One of the them was only to Philadelphia but the other took them to Detroit. By the end of this week they will have another back-to-back(travel to Columbus) and will have played 11 games compared to their rivals Islanders and Devils only having played 7 and not having traveled around the world. The back end of consecutive games are Lightning(win), Philadelphia(win), Detroit(OT loss), and Pittsburgh.

This Rangers team is much different than the Rangers of yesteryear. The majority of the players reported early to camp and were as ready for this grueling schedule as any group of players could have been. Head coach Tom Renney, his assistant coaches Perry Pearn,Mike Pelino and Benoit Allaire, along with the scouting staff should be commended for not only getting this team ready, but also prepared for their opponents. Renney finally has the players that are willing to buy into his system that is a 5 man attack of the puck in all zones. The staff has these players prepared and it has shown so far with their 6-1-1 record. The players say the locker room is a very cohesive place to be, compared to last year where some players had their own agendas. As it is in life, if you like the people you work with and the boss that you work for, the day is fun and you don't mind doing extra things for the good of the group. That is the only way this club has accomplished what they have through this hellish schedule so far.

Renney's Rangers still have many questions that will have to be answered over the course of this season. The biggest question is- what will the final roster be? Prucha and his $1.6 million contract has been a healthy scratch for the first 6 of 7 "North American" scheduled games, that is too much cap space to sit. Fritsche has also been a scratch for 6 games, but can go to Hartford without needing waivers. Rissmiller(injured ankle?) also has been scratched for the last few but reminds many that he is the type of player like a Jason Strudwick. I can see the Rangers trading Prucha and sending down Fritsche while adding a 7th defenseman in Potter for physical play or Fahey for Renney's puck moving system. The last piece of the puzzle is skating at the Rangers practice rink by himself and would add a needed boost to the powerplay in the name of Brendan Shanahan. That would set the Rangers up for a long run at Lord Stanley.


Mara has been playing a much more physical game this season. His short circuit against the cheapshot player from Buffalo(who wouldn't drop his gloves=pu$$y) might have cost the Rangers 2 points at this early part of the season, but will lead to points later in the year as others now has a different perception of MAaa and he has now defined his role.

Orr taught Dubinsky how to fight(as we all saw against the Flyers) but must now do the same with Staal.

Devils fans always bitched they didn't go to the swamp because of the parking and that the devils organization had to give the Sports Exposition money. Well, now they pay millions to Newark, parking still sucks, and they pay 7% of everything again. Great job GM FUDD!!! The NHL says Kansas City is looking for a team again!!!!

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